Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI is a way to run applications in a desktop-like virtual environment, exclusively using the processing power of remote servers. The local machine of the user does not come in contact with the data.
In this scenario, the role of the user's local machine, is limited to sending the user input (mouse and keyboard) to the destination server, connecting certain peripherals to the virtual machine (smart card, printer, etc.) and displaying the video output of the virtual machine.

VDI2GO Benefits

VDI puts on servers in a data center, all the information that would otherwise be on the users’ computers, or on a self-owned, on premise server. The advantages of this approach, over a classic scenario - where the local machine would process the information obtained from the server and eventually then save it on the server, are:

Increased user mobility.

The data and applications used, are no longer dependent on the local machine. Thus, in the event of a computer failure, the local machine can be replaced within minutes, without reconfiguration needed. Users are not restricted to work only from the office, the session can be transferred from PC to laptop, to tablet or phone.

Data security

Data handling can be strictly monitored. Data is better protected when it resides on the servers, in a secure data center, as opposed to residing on the user’s workstation.

Pay as you Go

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is designed to evolve continuously, in a linear manner, along with the customer’s business. There is no need up upgrade the customer’s existing infrastructure. The depreciation of local equipment is not as relevant as before, because the computing power being used is exclusively that of the remote servers.

Centralized maintenance

Updates can be applied outside working hours, on all virtual machines simultaneously.

Centralized Backup and Disaster Recovery

Incremental backups, with daily or higher frequencies, are stored in a different physical location from one the virtual machines are in. The state-of-the-art backup technologies used, allow granular or full-scale restore of the data and even almost instant parallel runs for quick data comparison, with “boot from backup” technologies.

Uniform applications deployment and patch-level

The terminal (the local machine) can run any operating system (Windows - any version from the past 10 years, Linux, Mac OS, Android, IOS), it can be a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. It will not affect application compatibility.

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Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers with or without Management – Private Cloud

ISVP/ ISVPM/ Private Cloud Services

Target Market Segments:

End suer type companies that purchase the Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers with Management - IVPSM

Resellers – IT companies that provide the management services of the Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers - IVPS

Product Content

The IVPS contains two or several servers. One is always firewall (CHR/XG/EFW) and the other ones are servers with the following roles:
  • Domain controller
  • File Server
  • SQL server
  • Mail Server – Exchange
  • RDP Server
  • Antispam Filter
  • VPN Gateway (site-to-site or dial-in)
  • VoIP/Virtual PBX Server with 3CX or Issabel
  • Application Server
  • Virtual Security Appliance

Key Characteristics (Differentiators)

  • Support in Romanian
  • Security firs of all:
    • The management can be done only from Static preset IP addresses
    • The access can be done only through the VPN
  • High data availability (boot from backup)
  • Customized to respond to IMM requirements
  • Scalability

Services Included in the Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers - IVPS

  • the VPS Service
  • Public IP Addresses.
  • Installation of Operating Systems
  • Remote access setup – configuration of virtual IP networks
  • Traffic filtering according to specifications with an additional firewall
  • Monitoring of services and e-mail/SMS notification
  • Supply/Management of licenses
  • Level 2 & Level 3 technical support for resellers. For example:
    • IP troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting of performance issues
  • Consultancy

Additional Services brought by the Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers with Management - IVPSM

Providing a virtual technical department that supplies end-to-end support of the virtual servers solution. For example:
  • Domain management:
    • Creation of users
    • Adding computers into the domain
    • PC setup
  • Data base management
  • Installation of applications on servers
  • Troubleshooting the antispam issues
  • Creation of shared folders, management of permissions
  • Management of security settings
  • Restoring the granular backups (at file level).
  • Integration with other providers of solutions (for example Office 365) – creation of e-mail accounts and e-mail flow management.

Package of the Infrastructure of Virtual Private Servers - IVPS


  1. VPS Firewall
    • A dedicated IP address
    • 75 Mbps broadband Internet Connection
    • Unlimited traffic
    • 2 network interfaces (public and private interface)
    • Linux or Mikrotik CHR operating system (it includes the CHR license), optionally Sophos XG.
    • 2vCPU
    • 4 GB RAM
    • SSD 30 GB
  2. Windows Server suitable for Domain Controller, File Server, VPN Gateway (SSTP)
    • Windows Server license
    • 6 vCPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • SSD 500 GB
  3. Traffic filtering with additional firewall according to client’s specifications.
  4. Daily backup in another location for virtual machines with Altaro.

Price from 150 EUR plus VAT per month.

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